The TREES documentary is
OUR story. As a people.
As a planet.

Do You Love Trees As Much As We Do?

We’re gathering people from around the world to co-create a not-for-profit documentary that is too sacred to be told by one filmmaker alone.

THE TREES MOVIE is a love letter to the silent giants that control our fate. A global collaboration that shows what trees mean to you—to your life, to your community, and to the world we share.

No matter who or where you are, we all have something at stake.

Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or a novice with a smartphone and a story, we invite you to grab your camera and join us in telling the timeless tale of trees.

If selected, your story will be woven together with the stories of hundreds of fellow filmmakers from around the globe by a world-class production team.

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The Trees Movie

What was once debated is now undeniable. The planet is changing.

Places we once called home will soon be unlivable. The question is, can we reverse it? 

Many solutions have been proposed. But could the answer be far more simple than we thought?

For millions of years, trees and humans have coexisted in a symbiotic dance. We’ve lived alongside them, found shelter under their branches, eaten their fruit, warmed ourselves from their fallen remains. 

In exchange, trees take only the life-sustaining carbon dioxide that we exhale. We give one another life.

Trees have emerged as a promising way out of this climate crisis. But we need to plant 1.2 trillion new trees by the year 2030.

These trees will suck up nearly 830 billion tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That’s about how much carbon pollution we as humans have spewed in the past 25 years. 

But we have to do it together.

THE TREES MOVIE is our story. As a species. As a planet.

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Creating independent films without the support of the studios or mainstream media is challenging and expensive. But we’re up to the task, because we know the importance of championing these stories that may otherwise go untold. Films like the Trees Movie must be created with utmost integrity and respect. This means without the outside influence of studio heads, network executives, or advertisers. This is where you come in.

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